Naturalist 101 Field Trip: June - Logger-Headlines: Conservation of Georgia's Sea Turtle


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Sea Turtle Night Walk w/ the SSI Sea Turtle Project
Friday, June 22 • 8:30 pm
Coast Guard Public Beach Access
1st Street, SSI, GA 31522

Who comes out on our beaches after the sun goes down? What parts of our eyes help us see at night? How do other animals see, hear, and find their way in the dark? Join Catherine Ridley, SSI Sea Turtle Project Director and OHM’s VP of Communications and Education, as we discover these and other nocturnal secrets. In the heat of Georgia’s sea turtle nesting season, keep your eyes peeled for loggerhead sea turtle tracks! If we’re lucky, we might spot a nesting sea turtle laying her eggs in the sand. We’ll explore the nesting beach after dark and talk about Georgia’s sea turtles’ natural history and our turtle monitoring program. Through hands-on activities geared toward families and participants of all ages, you won’t soon forget this after-hours beach night hike!